Bare Bar 

Product Branding & Point of Purchase Site Design
3D Modeling
Structural Design
When it comes to common toiletry items like shampoo, conditioner, soap, and face wash, the packaging is almost always disposable. This is a big problem for our environment. The modern design of Bare Bar was created to put these arising issues to rest. Bare Bar seeks to encourage a simple solution to packaging waste: refillable toiletries!
With a simple visual brand of circles in the form of a bear, the logo is aimed to represent bubbles and cleanliness. The visual language of the blue and white is to characterize water and soap. The simplicity of the logo is also reflected into the form and design of the purchase site. This point of purchase site encourages the public to bring or buy reusable containers and to refill at the stations. The station offers toiletries in bar form that can
be dispensed, as well as liquid toiletries that can be dispensed from a tap. Visitors can either bring their own containers or buy a refillable container on site to receive their toiletry needs.

Current Issues

In 2008, over 120.8 billion tons of plastic waste was sent to landfills across the country. This waste was produced from all kinds of things such as containers, bottles, disposable items, etc. Cosmetics and toiletries are a great contributors to plastic waste. Their packaging is often short lived and discarded irresponsibly. Micro-beads are especially detrimental to the environment and can be found in many toiletry products. All these different plastic packaging and synthetic products often end up in nature and cause harm.


In response to the rising issues of global warming, environments collapsing, and global pollution, Bare Bar aims to be the shifting point of creating sustainable and environmentally friendly toiletries. Instead of creating products that are quickly used and discarded, Bare Bar has created a solution for refillable toiletries and minimal packaging.   Because Bare Bar’s packaging is always kept to a BARE minimum (pun intended), customers are always encouraged to be mindful of their waste products and recycling. With free wax paper wrap with every bar purchase and glass bottles for sale, customers are given many opportunities to be kind to the environment and their wallets!

Above: The bar tap dispensers supply a variety of lotions and face washes where visitors can fill up on their own.

Above: Soap and body wash bar dispensers where customers can cut and dispense their own bars.

Above & Right: Customers can pat at the checkout stand where they can also wrap their bars. Bare Bar also offers reusable glass bottles that customers can purchase.

Above: Detail shot of tap dispensers for liquid face wash.