Beverage Series Branding & Packaging
Package Design
3D Modeling
Tools used: Fusion 360, Adobe Illustrator, Procreate
This beverage project focuses on 2 main elements: Sustainability in packaging and unique branding of a beverage series. Brū is presented as a beverage brand that specializes in non-alcoholic beers: birch beer, root beer, and ginger beer. Carefully selecting and researching best sustainability practices, Brū’s specialized design utilizes glass for its bottles and metal for its screw on caps. In efforts to be sustainable to both nature and the human body, Brū also focuses on simplicity of ingredients; The branding aims to reflect the simple goal with its minimal choice of representation and simple typography. With a simple choice of 3 colors, each beverage is represented with a cohesive yet, distinguishable package. Birch beer is represented with a dark brown, Root beer is represented with a lighter brown, and Ginger beer is represented with a golden brown. The brand letters are blown large on the bottle to create an eye catching design.


Brū's Natural and Organic Flavors

bru's bottles are made of 100% recycles glass. The bottle is completely recyclable as well. Sustainability is a main element of the brand.

Each bottle is labeled with nutrition facts.

The lids of the beverages are labeled for easy differentiation. 

Promo bags

For those who love brū, canvas bags are available for purchase for brand repping.