Cheerios poster series

Deconstruction, composition, and collaging of Cheerios box
Expanding on a familiar product, I use the techniques of deconstruction, shape contrast, and collaging to create three new compositions. Since Honey Nut Cheerios is already visually familiar, the three compositions are a new way to approach the visual construction of Cheerios. Each poster utilizes one of these techniques to translate the visual language of Honey Nut Cheerios. Without resizing, adding or diminishing any visual elements, the deconstruction poster is arranged in a new layout to create a grayscale poster. The composition poster is then derived from the deconstruction poster; Using just shapes, lines, and patterns, a new visual language is introduced by replicating the contrast and transitions of the deconstruction poster. Lastly, the collage poster explores a new visual language that is free in form. Brand icons such as bees, honey, oats, and cheerios are still used, but in new ways.