Jewelry Branding and Packaging
Hand Crafting
Drawing inspiration from geometric shapes and forms, GeoMatriX aims to be upscale, industrial, and aesthetically pleasing. With the clean design and branding of GeoMatriX, clients are able to appreciate the sophistication of point, line, and shape. The branding aims to be timeless, yet modern. With the goal of simplicity and minimalism, the name is reduced to the three letters “GMX” accompanied by a geometric logo. The serif typeface pushes the sophistication of the brand character. The black hexagonal packaging reflects the jewelry forms and is minimal in decor. The outer sleeve is embossed with the brand logo. The inner packaging displays the earrings accompanied with an embossed logotype. With simple packaging, clients are directed to jewelry, but are reminded of the brand.  Each piece is made to be worn as a statement of sophistication and modernity.