Unboxing the Truth

Physical Data Interpretation
3D Sculpture Design
Analytical Information
Data Interpretation
This physical interactive data model explores the reasons why women don’t report sexual assault and also visits some simple suggestions that could bring change to these alarming statistics. 
This model was built to visually communicate the weight and sad truth of sexual assault. Materials used in this model include: Dark acrylic, black poster board, and white vinyl. The form of this model is an enclosed, acrylic, rectangular box with smaller poster board boxes inside that represent the statistics. The model is meant to be interacted with; users are encouraged to open the lid, and remove the smaller boxes to engage with the alarming statistics. Although the materials and form are minimal, every element of this model serves to communicate the unbiased raw data and weight of this issue. The end goal of this model is to encourage public recognition and engagement with the occurring issue of sexual assault.
The Problem
Sexual assault is a prevalent issue in every and any society. Statistics show very alarming statistics in the frequency of occurences, but even more so, the reporting of the assaults always remain very low.
75% of assaults remain UNREPORTED. 
This is due to many societal factors which can include societal blaming, shaming, misogyny, embarrassment, unbelief, and even retaliation. This is not just a criminal issue. Society plays a big role in whether or not the assaults are reported.

The Goal​


This data is not meant to be presented just to be looked at. It's a harsh truth that we all need to unpack, understand, and grapple with. We can change the narrative of sexual assault and how it is addressed. It doesn't have to be a secret or something to be ashamed of. It can be something that we bring to light and fight against. I hope users can learn and spark conversation and change.

Initial Sketches

Coming up with a unique 3D interactive data piece is not something that easily formed in my mind. I found it very difficult to visualize and conceptualize even though I had the data and the information.
The key wasn't only to make the information comprehensive and clear; It was also to make it as interactive and unconventional as possible.
A box???
I was unhappy with all the initial sketches and ideas I had. I felt that they didn't hold the depth of the topic well enough to be effective and emotionally convicting.
I decided to go for a new direction which came to me on a whim: A simple box.

"The Box"

The idea of a simple box is meant to reflect the idea that sexual assault clearly occurs, and there are many stories that have been shared. The data should be enough for people to engage and speak up about it. However, it isn't talked about nearly enough. Most of the time, the stories and voices are buried away.
These boxes inside the box is to present the data in a raw and obvious way, but also in an emotionally and physically heavy way. Using physical space to represent the numbers, the boxes in the box create a clear visual size of each data.

The Box version 2


The first version of "the box" was close to the final form, but in the end, the physicality and shape of the data didn't fit very well. Instead of using a square and differentiating heights for the data, I end up using the height of the boxes to represent a piece of data and each box size to represent its own piece of data as well.
- Heavy
- Dark
- Unseen
- Expose
- Truth
- Interaction
- Secretive
- Simple

The Final Form​ - A rectangular box with more boxes inside.

Intentional Materials​

Dark Smoke Acrylic
The material is almost opaque and creates a heavy dark visual. This material represents the "hiding" and the "darkness" of sexual assault stories and reports.
Black poster board
The black again is used to represent the darkness and weight of the statistics.
White Vinyl Type
The white type represents the clear striking information that is often available to us. It is there. It's clear. 

The Data: Why did women not report the assaults?


20% feared retaliation
13% believed the police would not do anything to help
13% believed it was a personal matter
8% reported to a different official 
8% believed it was not important enough to report
7% did not want to get the perpetrator in trouble
2% believed the police could not do anything to help
30% gave another reason, or did not cite one reason


The height of the vinyl type and boxes inside is exactly 75% of the box height representing the 75% of sexual assaults that are not reported.


The box sits enclosed with white vinyl type wrapping around it's rectangular form.

The lid can be easily lifted for users to engage with stats.

The boxes inside represent the size of each statistic. The height of the boxes collectively represent the 75% of assaults that go unreported.

Users are encouraged to unbox each stat to engage with the information at the bottom of the boxes.

Each box has the corresponding statistic at the bottom.

At the bottom of the box, there is also an action item that users can take to further the conversation of sexual assault prevention and reporting.

All the statistics presented together.

All the action items at the bottom of the box once all the boxes are removed. This grid also helps users place the boxes back easily.