break the silence

Informational Motion graphic and Infographic Poster
Motion Graphic
Data Analyzation 
Image Making
Tools used: Adobe After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop

Part 1: Infographic Poster

The first part of the project was the infographic poster where I researched the statistics on Sexual Assault among females in the USA. Using the data and information that I found, it was my goal to represent it in a non-conventional but understandable way. 
The first part of brainstorming the infographic poster was organizing and narrowing down on my research. As seen in the notes, I went through many different focus points and decided to land on sexual assault.
Defining sexual assault as well as the scope of the problem, gives a good introduction into discussing the more serious numbers; like who are the main perpetrators, and why women don't end up reporting these incidents. It is also important to address that these issues also appear in areas of authority such as the supreme court. All these aspects of sexual assault in the US are addressed in the infographic at a more general level in hopes of starting conversation and stirring up change.
Sexual violence against women, in public and private spaces, has always been a concerningly prevalent issue in society. Women are the most common victims of sexual violence, and can be targeted at any age. Unfortunately, studies show that most acts of sexual violence go unreported due to many underlying stigmas and societal shaming. If most incidents are not reported, the numbers of assaults must be drastically higher than what the studies show. Sexual violence is a bigger problem than most people realize. This motion graphic and infographic poster act as an informational tool for the public to learn and start conversations. Since sexual assault is usually something that is left in the dark and silenced, I decided to utilize a dark and silent theme for these graphics.

Want to view the entire poster?   OPEN PDF

Part 2: Motion Graphic

The second part of this campaign was the information motion graphic. The motion graphic acts as an extension of the poster with the hopes of reaching a larger crowd. Using some of the same elements and visuals, the motion graphic reiterates some of the information that is on the poster. 
Using story boards for drafting, I map out the plan of when and how to display the information and what kind of effects I plan to use.
For this part of the project, I use Adobe After Effects.


Since it is a serious, heavy issue, I wanted to begin the motion graphic with a black screen and slowly, the number “360,000” will fade into the screen. The number appears first, then the rest of the words “Every year” and “women are sexually assaulted” appear around the number revealing that this is a very big issue. I also ended up reusing the data and graphic of the hand print in this motion graphic since it is simple and compelling. I also wanted emphasis on the fact that most women do not report and why they don’t. Instead of using the circular graphic from the poster, I condensed the information down to 4 numbers and used a simpler form. At the end, instead of just presenting an issue, I wanted to give viewers hope and a point of launching for a discussion and for change. I share some resources.

Final Motion Graphic